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Online roulette is an easy casino game suitable for all types of players. Even if you have never played this table game, you can get started quickly. In theory, the range of betting options is the only thing you have to know, and at first, you don’t have to know all betting options in order to play this table game. The benefit of online roulette is that you determine the speed of this game as there is no croupier who indicates when bets can be placed, and when not. This enables beginners for example, to view the results of previous rounds, and to discover the best possible bets.

Gambling at online roulette tables

You can select a roulette table at your preferred online casino from India. Most gaming sites offer multiple versions, including French or American roulette. The difference between both variants is that French roulette includes a green pocket (or slot) marked 0, while the American version features two green pockets, with one of them marked 0, and the other one 00. After starting a game of online roulette you’ll see a roulette wheel and a betting field.
Then you can start playing by placing chips on the betting options. The most simple roulette bets are red or black as they provide players with the best odds of winning, although payouts are more limited than single number bets. Every betting option at online roulette comes with a different payout, and it’s also possible to place multiple bets across the betting field. Players then decide when the ball starts to spin by pressing the start button.

Speed, excitement and winnings

Roulette is a hugely popular casino game at online casinos because it combines speed with excitement, in addition to huge payouts. For many players, and maybe as well for you, this mix is a massive temptation to play this classic table game. The versatility of the betting options also contributes to the charm and popularity of roulette. Online roulette also offers the additional benefit of playing anonymously without other players observing your decisions at the table. That’s especially for newcomers a big plus because nobody checks up on you.
Playing online roulette offers lots of options for both players with a limited bankroll and high-rollers. Roulette tables have certain betting limits, including a minimum and maximum bet. For example, some online roulette tables allow players to start betting from as little as ₹7.5, while other tables have a maximum bet of ₹2.5 lakh. Fancy to play online roulette? You can also play for free, but you can also sign-up with an online casino in order to play for real money.

Roulette rules

Basically, roulette has rules that are easy to pick up, but the many betting options can make things a bit complicated. This game is all about the roulette wheel that features numbered pockets, ranging from 0 to 36, plus the small roulette ball. It’s up to you to place bets and predict on which pocket the ball will land. The croupier spins both the roulette wheel and ball, and the latter one drops automatically on one of the pockets. Needless to say that the number of the pocket in which the ball lands, is the winning one.
Chips are used to place bets, and those tokens come with different values. Based on the roulette rules, it’s allowed to place multiple bets. Red or black is the most common bet. All pockets are black or red, except for one green colored pocket, which is marked 0. The betting options include black or red, odd or even, single number or a combination of numbers. You win if you predict correctly where the ball lands. Your payout depends on the selected betting option. Did you place your bet on red or black? This pays out 1/1 in case of a winning bet. Needless to say that a winning bet on a single number results in a much higher payout, namely up to 35 times your bet.

Betting fields

If you take a look at the roulette field below the roulette wheel, you’ll see all numbers from 0 to 36. There are also separate fields regarding black and red, odd or even, on which you can place chips. You can use all fields to place your bets. That means you can bet on a single number, but also on a combination of numbers. All different betting options feature different names. For example, you can split a bet, which means betting on two adjacent numbers. Or you can opt for a street bet, which involves betting on a horizontal line of three numbers. Betting on a square block of four numbers is called a corner bet. A horizontal square block of six numbers is known as a six line.
There’s also a column of 12 numbers on which you can bet, which is called a column. Furthermore, the betting options include the first dozen, second dozen, and third dozen, which means betting on the first twelve numbers, the second set of twelve numbers or on the third set of twelve numbers respectively. Those bets offer multiple chances. There are also betting options regarding single odds with a 1/1 payout rate. For example, on the numbers 1 – 18 or 19 – 36. All even and uneven numbers, plus all red and black numbers pay out 1/1. It’s called a straight up if you bet on a single number.
Betting on a single number provides players with the best chances of winning. Indeed, it’s more likely that the ball lands on black than on number 16. There are simply more black fields, while there is only one field that contains number 16. It can be interesting to bet on both a single number and, for example, on a column, as this combination covers a set of numbers. In that way you increase your chances of winning immediately.

Roulette strategy/ tactics

A roulette strategy can help you win at roulette as it provides some support, and it prevents you from taking other decisions that can turn out right or wrong. The Martingale roulette system is definitely the most popular one, which is a very easy system to win in the end. The idea behind this system is to double your bet when you lose. Just placed a ₹75 bet and lost? Then double your bet up to ₹150. Double your bet again when you lose again.
This system is an excellent option if you bet on red or black, or on even/ uneven. Although this strategy has a relatively low payout ratio, the chance of winning in the end is almost certain. Except if you lose so many times in a row that you have reached the table limit. Then it’s simply impossible to double your bet again.
There’s another strategy applicable for roulette, namely the Fibonacci sequence. When you lose during a round, count up the two previous bets, and the result is your bet for the next round. This doesn’t apply if you win, and instead, you then basically take two steps back in the sequence. If you prefer an even more easy system, then you should consider the One Hit Wonder. This system involves betting on a fixed number as you expect the ball to land on that number before all 36 rounds have been played.

Roulette versions
There are several versions of roulette, including two main categories: American roulette, and European/ French roulette. American roulette features an additional pocket marked 00. Online casinos always offer multiple versions, with the same applying for mobile casinos and live casinos. Both the layout and table limits of a roulette game can differ per online casino, as both aspects depend on the casino’s software provider. NetEnt is a leading provider that offers multiple roulette versions.
-American roulette
American roulette is one of the available versions, and features an additional pocket on both the roulette wheel and betting field. This includes a green pocket marked 00. The additional pocket results in a house edge that is a little bit higher, which is a minor disadvantage for players because the chances of winning are smaller due to the extra pocket. The layout of the table is also slightly different because of the extra 00 slot. If you bet on a single number, your chances of winning are 2.63 percent (1/38).
-European roulette
European roulette is the default version at online casinos, and is also available at both mobile casinos and live casinos. This version comes with a house edge that is smaller than at American roulette. The European equivalent features 37 slots, marked 0 – 37. A straight bet on a single number has a payout ratio of 2.70 percent (1/37). The chances of winning are slightly better at European roulette.
-French roulette
French roulette doesn’t differ much from the European version in terms of layout. Indeed, this version includes 37 slots, and features only one green slot marked 0. However, the French equivalent boasts two additional rules, namely: La partage, and en prison. La partage increases the player edge because losses can be cut back with this option.
However, this option is only available if the ball lands on number 0, and in case of 50-50 bets on red, black, even and uneven. Thanks to la partage rule, players only lose half of their bets if the ball lands on number 0 in case of any of the mentioned bets. If this specific rule doesn’t apply, players lose their entire bet as with other versions. This game rule reduces the casino’s house edge to 1.35 percent.
En prison is another rule. If we take the same scenario with the ball landing on number 0, and a bet on red, black, even or uneven, players get the opportunity to leave half the bet on the table. You can also choose to recover half the bet. The chips en prison remain imprisoned, and you can recover them during the next round.
-Multi wheel roulette
Multi wheel roulette is a completely different version, which features a roulette table, alongside various roulette wheels. You can win on several roulette wheels after placing your bets. Normally, multi wheel roulette is offered as a European roulette version with 37 slots (pockets). It goes without saying that every roulette wheel can produce a different result. That’s exactly what makes this roulette version so entertaining, attractive, and exciting.
If you play multi wheel roulette, you’ll see several roulette wheels and below the betting field. If you like to spread your chances of winning, then this version is certainly an interesting option. Determine the size of your bet, based on the available chips on the table. You can win a lot of money quickly, but please keep in mind that losses are also a distinct possibility.

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