It’s an open secret that gambling is extremely popular in India, especially sports betting. In addition to casino games, mostly card games, gamblers in India have a great love affair with betting on cricket. However, most games of chance are banned, although some states allow certain forms of gambling. Both the state of Goa and Sikkim are known for their liberal gambling laws, and players can visit multiple casinos. Those land-based gambling establishments offer slot machines, and table games. Indian residents with a weak spot for gambling can also embark on several gambling boats that sail over the Mandovi river (Panjim). Additionally, legal lottery tickets are available in several states across the country, while betting on horse races is the only legalized form of sports betting in India.

Land-based gambling venues

These are the brick and mortar casinos that are in business in India at the time of writing:
• Winn de Goa Casino
• Treasures Casino & Majorda Beach Resort Goa
• The Zuri White Sands Goa Resort & Casino
• Ramada Beach Resort & Goa Nugget Casino
• Pearl Casino & Bogmallo Beach Resort Goa
• Paradise Casino & Hotel Neo Majestic Goa
• Palms Casino & La Calypso Hotels Goa
• Las Vegas Casino & Leela Goa Hotel
• Grand 7 Casino & Hotel Goa
• Goldfinger Casino & Cidade de Goa Resort
• Crown Casino & Hotel Goa
• Chances Casino & Resort Goa
• Casino Strike at Grand Hyatt Goa
• Casino Sikkim
• Casino Deltin Denzong
• The Deltin Hotel & Casino
• Casino Mahjong Sikkim

Commenting all land-based casinos would be too much of a good thing, and therefore, we only discuss these outstanding gambling establishments:
• Paradise Casino & Hotel Neo Majestic Goa: Enjoy nearly 5,000 ft2 of stunning casino fun, including multiple slots, and lots of table games (e.g. baccarat, roulette, and blackjack). This casino is located in the city of Porvorim (Goa), and offers a delicious buffet, while passengers also appreciate the lower rates. Additionally, the automated baccarat dealer is another entertaining aspect of this casino.
• Chances Casino & Resort Goa: This 5-star hotel encompasses a tremendous casino where visitors can play several table games. It goes without saying that the gaming repertoire features blackjack, baccarat, roulette, amongst many other classic table games. There are more than 50 boutique-style hotel rooms, while the tremendous location adds a fabulous dimension to this Dona Paula-based gambling establishment.

Gambling cruise ships

As mentioned, players can also choose from several casino vessels, including:
• Carnival Casino & Hotel Marriott Goa
• Pride Casino Goa
• Pride 2 Casino Goa
• Deltin Caravela Casino Goa & Hotel
• Deltin Jaqk Casino Goa
• Deltin Royale Casino Goa

According to experts, these are the best offshore casino ships:
Deltin Royale Casino Goa: This vessel provides gamblers with a luxury casino that covers 40,000 ft2. Visitors can enjoy more than 120 gaming tables, alongside live music, and a high-end restaurant. The gaming repertoire boasts popular table games, such as blackjack, poker, punto banco, roulette, alongside Indian flush. There’s also a VIP section, located on the fourth floor of this impressive gambling ship.
Pride Casino Goa: Gamblers can choose from three floors of dazzling entertainment, including lots of casino games, like roulette, poker, katti, plus many other card games. This vibrant casino vessel boasts a surface area of 30,000 ft2.
Pride 2 Casino Goa: There are more than 25 gaming tables available at this casino ship that ensures visitors an immersive experience. There are two floors packed with gambling fun, while the high rollers section is another cool feature of this boat. Passengers on board of both Casino Pride 1 and 2 can switch, and this option definitely adds up to the fun.
Deltin Jaqk Casino Goa: Newcomers in the staggering world of gambling may want to practice their skills on this three-storey ship, which also features a learners table. Needless to say that this 12,000 ft2 casino vessel offers all classic games, such as roulette, blackjack, baccarat, while there are also 30 one-armed bandits on board.

Online casinos

There are no laws regulating (or prohibiting) Indian players from gambling on the world wide web, which means they are free to play on any overseas online casino. At the same time, there are no national gaming sites as the government of India doesn’t grant online casino licenses. It is also reported that there’s no internet censoring system in place, and local authorities have neither the resources nor the incentive to crack down on internet gambling. In other words, gambling fans from India can play unrestrictedly at gambling sites that are hosted in other countries.

Underground gambling

Experts believe that the Indian casino industry represents an estimated value of $60 billion. However, clandestine games of luck are flourishing in India due to the lack of legal options. Local authorities have their hands full with all kinds of clandestine gambling. Especially underground betting is mushrooming across the country, with the same applying for illegal casinos.
Saying that illegal games of chance and betting are a billion dollar business in India would go down as the understatement of the day. It should come as no surprise that the government could generate tremendous amounts of cash if it would legalize gambling and betting. It would result in huge tax revenues, while legalizing would also create a safe and transparent environment for people to play in. Additionally, the fight against match fixing would also benefit from a regulated sports betting market.