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The popularity of gambling in India also includes virtual games of luck, alongside online sportsbooks. However, the legal status relating to gambling in India remains unclear, partly because of complex laws both at federal and state level. Additionally, the current legislation is outdated and fails to clarify the legality of gambling, particularly the online equivalent. For that reason, it’s quite confusing for Indian gamblers to determine which games of luck are allowed, and which ones not.

Both outdated and unclear

According to the Public Gaming Act of 1867, it’s not allowed to run a gambling parlor, with the same applying for visiting such an establishment. However, this act doesn’t define the term ‘gambling’, which is obviously confusing. At the same time, the Constitution of India defines gambling as any activity that involves monetary wins as a result of risking money.

Legal forms of gambling

It’s well known that Indian people have a great love affair with both cricket and horse racing. Nevertheless, horse racing betting is the only legal form of betting, which is a testament to the contradictory situation with regard to gambling in India. Indeed, lottery games are one of the few legal forms of gambling. Considering the fact that playing the lottery doesn’t require any skills or whatsoever, it’s striking that this form of gambling is legal.
Regarding brick and mortar casinos, Goa and Sikkim are the only states with legal gambling venues. The state of Goa also boasts multiple casino vessels, in addition to various land-based casinos. Almost needless to say that lots of tourists visit Goa, partly because of the gambling venues.

Online gambling

It should come as no surprise that the legal status of online gambling is also unclear as the regulation fails to provide any clarity. However, it is reported that the government has an internet censoring system in place in order to filter and block foreign-based gaming sites and online sportsbooks. It is unknown which specific platforms they target.
Sikkim leads the way in terms of legalizing online gambling as the government grants licenses to companies that want to offer virtual gambling within its borders.
Due to the lack of legal national online casinos, Indian gaming devotees have massively flocked to gambling sites that are hosted in other countries. Most foreign-based virtual casinos accept players from India, while some of them even offer game-play in Indian rupees. Although technically illegal, it appears that Indian gamblers can freely enjoy their beloved games of chance on the internet. There are no reports on whether players of overseas internet casinos are prosecuted. Please note that Maharashtra is the only state with clear laws relating to online gambling.

Points of concern

It goes without saying that players should always verify the trustworthiness of an online gambling platform. Some virtual casinos don’t accept players from India, which is obviously another aspect to keep in mind.
There is one important point of concern: the Foreign Exchange Management Act (FEMA) 1999. This act targets the interchange of non-rupee currencies. Theoretically, transferring cash to an online casino account in a foreign currency could be regarded as interchanging foreign money.
Therefore, it may be complicated for online gamblers in India to transfer money to their online casino accounts. Luckily, digital wallets provide Indian players with a reliable and reputable alternative.
Market watchers and other experts don’t believe that the Indian government will change and renew the laws with regard to gambling in the short term. For that reason, the legal situation relating to games of luck in India will remain unclear. Please keep a close eye on for updates and news regarding online gambling in India.

Indian-friendly online casinos

You may be wondering which gaming sites accept players from India. Here’s a brief overview of the leading virtual casinos for Indian players:
Royal Panda
• Bet365
• Spin Palace Online Casino
• Indio Casino
• Ruby Fortune Online Casino
• Jackpot City Casino
• Gaming Club Casino
Both Bet365 and Royal Panda are amongst our favorite Indian-friendly online casinos, which therefore, require a short review.
• Royal Panda: This transparent and trustworthy online casino is available in multiple languages, alongside several currencies, including Indian rupees. Royal Panda’s large customer base is the result of their unique promotions, impressive gaming repertoire, smashing bonuses, and excellent customer service. Players can choose from a whole range of online slots, plenty of table games, video poker, soft games, and many more. Royal Panda also offers both a mobile casino and live casino.
• Bet365: After their launch in 2001, Bet365 has become one of the leading companies in the exciting world of online gambling. Just like Royal Panda, this premium online casino offers game-play in Rupees, while the fabulous live casino adds up to the entertainment. Furthermore, players can choose from a raft of user-friendly and reputable banking methods, including Skrill and Neteller. Bet365 offers multiple bonuses, such as time-limited bonuses, alongside the generous loyalty program.

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