Online Blackjack

It’s an expected given that blackjack is among the most popular table games both at land-based gambling venues and online. The simple rules are definitely one of the main aspect that contribute to the global popularity.
This card game, also known as twenty-one, comprises one or more decks of 52 cards. Although various players can join the action, all participants compete against the croupier, rather than against each other. Blackjack is all about beating the dealer by getting a hand valued as close to 21 points, but without surpassing 21.

Online Blackjack Variants

Players can choose from multiple blackjack variants, including these main versions:
• Classic online blackjack, also known as ‘Vegas Strip blackjack’, is without a doubt the most played game both at land-based casinos and at online gaming sites.
• Atlantic City online blackjack includes 8 standard decks of cards. Contrary to classic blackjack, which features 4 decks of cards, players seated at an Atlantic City blackjack table are allowed to late surrender.
• European online blackjack features 2 standard decks of cards, and the dealer doesn’t check to see if he has blackjack until the participants start taking hits. Players can split only once, and only like-valued 10 cards, while double down is only allowed on hands with a value of 9, 10 or 11.
In addition to these most common types, there are several blackjack games with slightly different rules that make things even more interesting, such as:
• Multi-hand online blackjack: participants are allowed to play up to 5 hands simultaneously
• Double attack blackjack features 8 Spanish decks that boast 48 cards, and this variant even pays money on a blackjack. The croupier checks to see if he has blackjack, but only when players have used the insurance option. Double attack blackjack also offers the ‘bust it’ side bet, which includes betting on the possibility that the dealer will bust on his third card.
• Spanish 21 comprises 6 to 8 Spanish decks, and the optional side bet called ‘bust it’ is also available. Players can choose between hitting or doubling down after splitting any two cards (aces also), while late surrender is also permitted. Additionally, player’s 21s always win, even if the dealer also has 21. Last but not least, a player receives a bonus ranging from ₹75,000 to ₹375,000 if he or she has three suited 7’s, and the croupier has a 7 of any suit. The other participants receive a so-called ‘envy bonus’ worth ₹3,750.

Online blackjack

As said before, blackjack is hugely popular at online casinos, where you can enjoy lots of blackjack games. Royal Panda for example, offers these blackjack titles:
• Blackjack Professional Series
• Live Blackjack
• BlackJack
• Blackjack Party
• Blackjack Classic
• Double Exposure Blackjack
• Single Deck Blackjack Professional Series
There are also two dedicated tables, namely: Royal Panda Live Blackjack, and Royal Panda Live Blackjack VIP.
Please keep in mind that every online blackjack table features specific limits, which is an important aspect with regard to your bankroll. It goes without saying that high-rollers prefer blackjack tables with high limits, such as ₹37,500 or even more. In other words: Choose your preferred table based on your gambling budget, and betting strategy.

Getting started

The croupier will start dealing cards after all players seated at the table have placed their bets. The player on ‘first base’, the seat right next to the dealer, is the first one to receive two cards. As mentioned, the goal of blackjack is to beat the croupier by achieving a hand total of 21, or as close to it as possible without busting. If your hand total exceeds 21 then it’s called ‘busting’.
Players have multiple options after they have received their first two cards, namely:
• No additional cards (stand)
• Request another card (hit)
• In case of two cards of the same value, players can choose to split the pair in two, and play on two hands
• Double the original bet, and get an additional card
• Players with an ace, and a ten win, which is called ‘blackjack’
• Players can choose for an insurance as a protection against a blackjack from the croupier. When the croupier’s face-up card is an ace, all participants can choose to wager on the chance that the croupier has a blackjack. The insurance bet is worth the initial wager, and is an option to protect the possible loss of this wager. Players who opt for an insurance bet will break even on the hand as they lose their initial bet, while they receive a 2:1 payout thanks to their winning insurance wager.

Blackjack basics and card values

There are several simple rules when playing blackjack, namely:
• The player loses if the croupier gets a blackjack, and vice versa
• It’s called a ‘push’ if the player and the dealer get a blackjack on the same hand
• All participants play their hands in case nobody gets a blackjack
• The croupier will not play his hand if the player busts (a hand total of more than 21)
Additionally, these are the basics with regard to the card values:
• The number on the face of the cards 2-10 represents its value
• The three different face cards (kings, queens and jacks) are worth 10
• Both the player and dealer can use an ace as 1 point-card or 11 point-card
Please note that the suits of the cards doesn’t matter in terms of value. In other words: Queen, spades, and queen of hearts all represent the same value.

Paroli system
Besides knowledge of the online blackjack rules, it's also wise to use a blackjack strategy in order to increase your chances of winning. We will discuss the main strategies, starting with the Paroli system, which is based on the idea of increasing your bet every time you win. In case of a losing bet: Scale back your bet until the amount of your initial bet. Continue wagering this sum just as long as you get a winning bet. Please note that you need to determine your maximum bet unit before using this system. Needless to say that you have to respect that maximum bet to avoid going broke.

Parlay system
This strategy is a positive progression system for online blackjack, and it is designed to build a pyramid. It works like this: If you get a winning bet, add your profit to your original wager to determine your new bet. You can repeat this betting system endlessly. The Parlay strategy is a tremendous way to convert a modest wager into a massive profit. There’s also a downside: You lose every single rupee if you lose.

1-3-2-6 system
This simple online blackjack strategy is themed around a specific pattern, and you don’t have to be a mathematical genius to use this system. This betting style is less risky than most other online blackjack strategies. As the name suggests, this system implies that you first bet 1 unit, followed by 3 units, 2, and then 6. The idea is to limit your tally of wins to 4 hands in order to avoid losses.
This system works like this in case of a ₹100 betting unit:
• A winning ₹100 bet results in a ₹200 profit
• Then you triple your original bet (3 x ₹100 = ₹300), which is the sum of your initial bet (₹100) + your profit (₹200)
• When you win again, you’ll have ₹600 in total
• Now the system says to make a 2-unit wager, which means 2 times your betting unit (₹100 x 2 = ₹200)
• This guarantees you to have ₹200 when you lose
• The system says to multiply your betting unit by 6 after winning the third hand (₹100 x 6 = ₹600)
• Repeat the cycle from the start when you get four consecutive winning hands
• Return to the first step of the system when you lose at any given moment during the 1-3-2-6 betting sequence, and use your initial betting unit

Martingale system
This negative progression system is probably one of the most alluring ones, but also one of the most risky strategies as you can gamble away your entire budget.
• Start with your original bet
• Double your initial wager when you lose
• Double your original wager again when you lose again
‘Negative progression’ refers to the fact that you double your bet when you lose. The idea behind the Martingale system is to gradually collect profits every time you win, and fight to get back to even when you lose.

Strategy based on the bank’s hand
All above mentioned strategies are centered around your own hand, but there’s also a system formulated around the dealer’s hand. This system implies that you react to the hand held by the dealer:
Dealer’s hand
2 or 3
Stop asking additional cards (stand) if you have 13 or more
5 or 6
Stop asking extra cards (stand) if you have 12 or higher
7 or more
• Stop asking extra cards (stand) if your hand equals more than 17
• Stop asking extra cards (stand) at 18 if your hand includes a 7 and an ace

Blackjack pointers

Finally, we would like to provide you with some basic blackjack tips:
• Stand on all 17’s
• Split if you get two cards with each a value of 10 or 8, which also applies for aces
• Refrain from using ineffective betting systems
• Double if you get two cards that equal 11
• Don’t take the insurance against the possibility that the dealer has blackjack as this wager costs you half your initial wager
• It’s recommended to place modest bets in case of an extensive session

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