Online casinos provide players with lots of secure banking methods and credit cards are definitely one of the most popular categories. Almost needless to say that MasterCard is one of the leading brands in the world of credit cards and most online gaming sites accept this reputable payment solution. For that reason, there are numerous virtual casinos to choose from if you prefer to use a MasterCard credit card when transferring funds to online casinos.

Background information

Founded in 1966, MasterCard is a very trustworthy brand and extremely popular at nearly every online casino. Its headquarter is located in Purchase (Westchester County, New York), and nearly 12,000 people work at MasterCard. More than 210 countries worldwide accept this convenient credit card, which you can apply at your local bank.
There are three card types with regard to MasterCard credit cards:
• Standard credit cards (for daily purchases)
• World MasterCard (perfect for travelers)
• World Elite MasterCard (personalized service with first-rate features)
Lots of banks worldwide offer these MasterCard credit cards, and the terms regarding the interest rate and payments can differ per institution.
Although the World Elite MasterCard offers several benefits, the standard MasterCard credit card is more than sufficient for online casino players. The great popularity of these cards with online casino players certainly proves that notion.

Depositing and withdrawing using MasterCard

Gamblers who play at brick and mortar casinos only a few times a year, and wish to enjoy the fun on a more regular basis should definitely visit gaming sites that accept MasterCard. Those online casinos enable players to conveniently make secure payments and withdrawals. After depositing money, gamblers can start playing their favorite games of chance like it’s 1999. That means: Try your luck at top-notch online slots, exciting table games, and take home stunning payouts!

Benefits of MasterCard

Wondering why you would use a MasterCard credit card at online casinos? These are some of the most important pros:
• User-friendly withdrawals and payments
• Generous bonuses at gaming sites that accept MasterCard
• The ability to deposit large sums of cash
• Online casinos that offer MasterCard boast awesome payout rates
• Excellent player support at gambling platforms that accept MasterCard
MasterCard offers four different cards:
• Credit cards (see above)
• Debit cards
• Prepaid cards
• Gift cards
The MasterCard debit card is not only commonly accepted, but also a popular choice amongst online gambling devotees. Contrary to credit cards, debit cards can’t be used to borrow any credit. Additionally, money is deducted from your checking account if you buy something with your debit card.
MasterCard’s prepaid credit cards come with worldwide acceptance and provide online casino players with control and convenience. It’s only a matter of adding money to a prepaid card in order to use that cash for purchases, both online (like online gaming sites) and at brick and mortar shops. The application procedure regarding a MasterCard prepaid card includes both address and identity proof, while there are no credit checks.
Gift cards are issued by lots of different parties, and they are comparable with prepaid cards. Players can use gift cards at online gaming sites that accept MasterCard.

Depositing money with a MasterCard

• Choose a gaming site that offers MasterCard for making deposits and withdrawals
• Complete the sign-up process to create an account
• Find the deposit section of the online casino in question
• Choose MasterCard from the repertoire of available deposit methods
• Complete the transaction by entering your personal details, card info, alongside the amount you want to deposit
• After submitting your payment, the selected online casino needs to confirm it, after which you can use your deposit to enjoy the thrill of online gambling
Deposits through MasterCard are carried out within several minutes, while withdrawal requests can take up to several days.

Withdrawing money with a MasterCard

• Navigate to the withdrawal section of the online gaming site
• Pick MasterCard as your preferred withdrawal method
• Fill in your personal details, card info, plus the amount you wish to withdraw
• Both the virtual casino and MasterCard need to verify the withdrawal before the money appears in your bank account


The security of financial transactions has traditionally been one of the major concerns for online gamblers, and at MasterCard they perfectly address these worries. The leader in global payments is a real trailblazer in the field of secured payments and withdrawals. Their zero liability policy protects customers against any kind of fraud, which also applies for payments at online casinos. That means you are only responsible for authorized deposits.

Customer service
In addition to the safety of deposits and withdrawals, online casino players attach great value to a decent support team. MasterCard offers its client an excellent customer service with dedicated and professional support specialists. It should come as no surprise that there’s also a frequently asked questions (FAQ) section available, while e-mail is another option to contact MasterCard’s knowledgeable support team.

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