High Roller Bonus

There are several names for players who like to bet large sums of cash, such as: High roller, big fish, VIP players or whales. These ‘big spenders’ definitely deserve loftier bonuses, and online casinos like to shower high rollers with personalized rewards that add up to the fun.
Gamblers can play at online casinos that cater to high rollers or at gaming sites that offer a VIP section packed with high stakes games. It goes without saying that experienced, wealthy players feel at ease at those exclusive VIP rooms. In addition to fast-paced games with high betting limits, VIP players benefit from extremely generous promotions, alongside eye-watering bonuses.

Deposit bonus high roller style

In the fascinating world of VIP gambling, high roller bonuses are usually deposit bonuses. In other words: Gaming sites multiply deposits by a certain number up to a certain value.
You may be thinking: But what distinguishes a high roller bonus from a standard deposit bonus? The answer is simple: High roller bonuses come with higher values than regular deposit perks. Therefore, it’s easy to see why VIP rewards require a higher deposit than any regular match bonus.

Better safe than sorry

It’s recommended to revise all terms, conditions, and details with regard to any kind of bonus. Regardless if you consider a deposit bonus, welcome bonus or VIP bonus, always take your time to check all information relating to the reward in question.
The wagering requirements are definitely one of the most important aspects, while the validity period is another vital element. Or maybe you need some kind of bonus code in order to benefit from the bonus that caught your attention.

High roller bonus jargon

The exciting world of VIP gambling includes specific terms, although some of them also apply for standard bonuses and promotions at online casinos. These are some of the most important terms that may require some explanation:
• Bonus: This refers to the maximum amount of money with regard to the reward in question.
• Percentage: The multiplier ratio of the bonus in particular. For example, a 50% match bonus when depositing 10,000 rupees results in a reward of 5,000 rupees. In other words: You will be enjoying 15,000 rupees for real-money bets.
• Code: Some high roller bonuses require a code, which is needed to claim the perk in question.
• Wagering requirements: This relates to the number of times you have to bet or stake the deposit amount or bonus cash (or both). Wagering requirements are also known as ‘play-through’ requirements. For example, a bonus worth 10,000 rupees with a 35x play-through requirement means you have to wager 10,000 rupees 35 times (350,000 rupees) in order to claim any winnings from the bonus.
• Minimum deposit: As the name suggests, this refers to the minimum amount of money you have to deposit to claim the bonus offer.

Claiming a high roller bonus

At some online casinos  from India it may be necessary to contact the customer service in order to claim a high roller bonus. As mentioned, a bonus code may be another requirement, depending on the bonus and online casino. Additionally, some gaming sites add the bonus cash automatically to players’ accounts. Needless to say that the terms and conditions provide whales with all the details concerning the particular bonus. Again, it’s recommended to read all terms and conditions before you make a deposit and/ or claim a bonus.
High rollers can also contact the customer service to obtain a personalized, exclusive bonus. Some internet casinos might offer tailor-made bonuses, based on your betting and depositing history.

Big deposits, massive return value

Virtual casinos provide big spenders with dazzling high stake bonuses, which are tremendous incentives to deposit large sums of cash. Most VIP bonuses require a minimum deposit of approximately 64,500 rupees. Online casinos utilize several options to advertise those exclusive offers, such as:
• Make a deposit of ₹75,000 and receive ₹50,000 in bonus cash
• Take home a stunning 100% deposit bonus and scoop up to ₹385,000
• Enjoy up to ₹50,000 on your first 3 deposits, which means you can rake in ₹150,000!
In other words: Deposit big time, cash big time!