Cashback Bonus

If you’re looking for a way to insurance your gambling losses, then you should definitely consider a cashback bonus, also known as refund bonus. This reward offers players a rebate on their losses, meaning they can recover (some of) the money they have lost. Cashback bonuses are not the same as loyalty programs, which enable players to collect points every time they play for real money. Just like most rewards at virtual casinos, there are lots of different cashback bonuses. These are some of the varying aspects:
• Terms and conditions
• Maximum amount
• Restrictions

How to choose a cashback bonus

Cashback bonuses come with a whole range of different terms and conditions, which underlines the importance of reading them carefully. At the same time: Don’t skate on thin ice, and check multiple offers in order to get more insight on the broad range of available bonus offers. We recommend to evaluate the following elements:

• Frequency: On a daily, weekly or monthly basis? Gamblers who play nearly every day will obviously prefer a daily rebate, while weekly or monthly cashback deals will be more appealing for patrons who play less frequently.

• Wagering requirements: It goes without saying that bonuses without wagering requirements are the most appealing ones, with the same applying for cashback deals with modest wagering requirements.

• Games: Check what online casino games count towards refund bonuses. Normally, blackjack is one of those games that’s excluded from cashback deals.

• Limits: The percentage cashback varies per casino, with some of them even matching your losses, but there’s a catch. Although a gambling platform offers a 100% cashback bonus, the maximum refund may be (very) limited. Likewise, there are also low percentage cashback offers without a maximum amount or with high limits.

Additionally, some cashback bonuses refund a certain percentage of your losses only if you have lost every single rupee of your deposit. For example, you have withdrawn ₹5,000 after depositing ₹10,000. In that case, the online casino will not refund your losses of ₹5,000. Therefore, it’s highly recommended to read all terms and conditions in order to avoid any misunderstanding.

Favorable or unfavorable

Before claiming a refund bonus or joining a casino program that relates to refunds, you should always check if that particular offer will have a negative effect on your eligibility to other perks at the gaming site in question. Gamblers from India have to play frequently and lose a considerable amount of cash before they can claim cashback rewards. This isn’t a problem if you don’t intend to make many additional deposits and just plan to increase your current gambling budget. In that case it’s important to claim your refund bonus on a regular basis as some gaming sites only hand them out on a one-time, weekly or monthly basis.

At the end of the day, both your specific needs and gameplay determine the cashback bonus that suits you best. There is no doubt that refund deals are a fabulous way to recover (some of) your gambling losses. Furthermore, you can use cashback bonuses to stay on budget and avoid running out of gambling cash. Please keep in mind that refund offers are only one of many aspects that you should take into consideration when gambling on the internet.